Sostane San Francisco

Susan Huberich


I am a web designer/developer with a little over 13 years of experience – and was a designer long before that. I have always been a supporter of non-profits and have been spending my time doing volunteer work for community groups who seek to help better the world for their interest groups. Green is my major passion, but so far I have found little inroads in to the actual marketplace and hope to be able to do so one day. I would love to have my job be associated with my passion for the environment.

Green Steps Taken

Recycling working on rebuilding my garden to be more water sufficient and eco friendly using more native flora (with the help of my friend Shale who is a sustainable landscaping designer) volunteering for coastal and watershed projects reducing carbon footprints through travel management and careful commuter options

Giving Back

Volunteering Friends of Fairmont Animal Shelter Peralta Sustainable Summit (with 300 people in attendance we had less than one garbage can of waste – the rest was recycled woohoo!) forum on older workers ActionWick – design for reform I don’t use disposable products for gatherings and such – and always volunteer to help group gatherings make wise choices like plant based cutlery and food waste recycling services for their meetings