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Wendy Powell

Childish Things |



Children’s resale store recycling gently used childrens clothing, shoes, toys, books and gear for ages 0-10.

Steps Taken

We just opened so we haven’t done much to become “more” anything quite yet. Of course the nature of the business is all about recycling. We do sell new products as well and try to focus on eco-friendly and/or local products primarily. We are still building out this part of our business.

pa200117_editedCurrently Working On

We are currently working on sourcing local and/or eco-friendly new products.

Surprising Successes

We were able to build out our 2300 sq. ft. store out with primarily used fixtures.

Growing Your Business

I believe there is already a large market of parents who purchase gently used items due to either being frugal and/or being conscious of the impact of new products on the environment.

Giving Back

We just opened so we really haven’t made much progress yet towards being involved with the community although it certainly is a goal.