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Tara Smith

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Twisted Tree - Gray


Earth friendly apparel for men, women, and baby, hand-printed by a local Seattle designer.

Green Steps Taken

I use all earth friendly solvents from soybeans in my screen printing process, as well as a recirculating water unit for cleaning my screens. I used to print on vintage clothing, now I also print on bamboo and organic cotton fabrics. Since my workshop is in my basement, I have been making a lot of improvements to make my house and shop more energy efficient.

Blossom Wrap

Currently Working On

I am upgrading to a conveyor dryer, which is more energy efficient, and also switching to brand new water based inks that are 100% natural.

Having Trouble With

Making my house/workshop more energy efficient has turned into a very big project, but I am getting there.

Most Important About Growing Business

I plan on staying a pretty small, local business. I may hire an employee or 2 in the future, but I want to stay small because it will be easier for me to ensure my business makes responsible choices for the earth.

Giving Back

I donate clothing to charities on a regular basis, and I have been involved in tutoring Seattle University’s fashion club. I also like talking to other business owners about green options.

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  1.    by: Cynthia October 15th, 2008 9:34 pm

    Hi Tara,

    It’s Cynthia I meant to talk to you after tonights meeting at Flying Apron about your apple, pear, and plum trees. If you have a moment please call me. 206-938-3586

    Thank you,