Sostane Seattle

Suzy Fairchild

Hoot Organic, Frock Shop


Hi! I am a small business owner in Seattle and I am launching an organic baby hat company next month. I am using all organic cotton and sustainable materials, also I have almost zero waist and the production is local. I also drive a hyprid car :)

Green Steps taken

Everything that can be recycled in my shop and my baby clothing business as well as at home is. We also use almost zero paper in our business except for shopping bags.

Surprising Successes

The amount of waist that can be recycled and reused when you really try.

Having Trouble With

It has been quite difficult to source cute organic fabrics and trims. I have had a bit of luck, but it is still a challenge. Organic materials are very expensive as well, which does put my cost of goods up.

Giving Back

I purchase local products as well as have locally made garments and jewelry available in my shop. We support our local merchants at our Farmer’s Market as well. We donate and buy a lot from local charity shops.