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Wallingford Botanicals was founded in 2007 by a local Seattle mother who was passionate about creating organic and natural bath, body and home-keeping items to keep her family and friends safe from toxic chemicals and fumes.

Using proven home remedies and modern techniques to form distinctly refined, effective skincare and home-keeping items the products are blended with organic and natural ingredients to ensure the finest results. Each recipe is thoroughly tested in their Team members’ home kitchens and are crafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality. Through personal experience the Team at Wallingford Botanicals understands the necessity of balancing purity and remedy. All products are elegantly packaged, simple in content but authentic and highly-effective. The net result is pure satisfaction and enjoyment for the discerning modern woman.

Wallingford Botanicals’ business commitment is to ensure that in our every deliberation, we consider Mother Nature. We are committed to supporting our local region by sourcing as much as 95% of our raw ingredients and packaging within the Pacific Northwest. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all of our products because we are confident our customers will be as delighted with our products as our friends and families are.

Green Steps Taken

The office: Wally workers will be conducting most of their R/D in home offices in an effort to reduce gas consumption. We have partnered with an eco-friendly cosmetic laboratory located in the Pacific Northwest whose practices and environmental beliefs are aligned with ours. Additionally, we hope to have our fulfillment entirely electronic in an effort to minimize paperwork. Our home offices are Green-conscious with recycling posts, compost pales as well as energy efficient efforts.
The Product: All of our products will be free of toxic-Parabens, Synthetic Fragrances and Dyes. The Packaging: Only recycled packaging will be considered as well as re-usable containers.

Surprising Successes

These are yet to be discovered.

Having Trouble With

We are looking for facilities that would donate their space for monthly dinners to low-income families. Additionally we are looking for individuals who would like to volunteer their skills to teach the parents and children at these dinners (subjects are tbd). If you are interested, please email

Giving Back

We are members of the Wallingford Chamber of Commerce, and Community Kitchen and are in the process of becoming members of 1% For The Planet.