Sostane Seattle

Susan Evans


I have been living in Seattle for 6 years, learning so much about resource conservation, relying on local resources, and the power of community. Two years ago I started a business with a friend of mine called Office Nomads. We are a shared office space for independent professionals and telecommuters. The goal around our space is to empower the independent workforce and enable them to do what they do best without having to be isolated by working from home or busy coffee shops. It’s all the great things about having an office (coworkers, shared resources like coffee and conference rooms) without all of the bad (bosses, office politics, cubicles).

Green Steps Taken

In the last 6 years, I have been a volunteer coordinator for a local recycling and composting education program, learned how to compost at home, sourced office supplies from local suppliers, got rid of my car, committed to never buying another to-go coffee cup again, learned how to grow my own food, and started a business in my neighborhood that encourages folks to commute less and commune more. :)

Surprising Successes

That my business has survived the first two years successfully, and has become a happy home office for more than 20 local independent professionals.

Having Trouble With

Truly sourcing all green office supplies for my business. Keeping my long-distance relationship as green as possible (he lives 2 hours away in the North Cascades, so we have to rely on transportation to see one another).

Giving Back

Both personally and through my business, I am incredibly involved in my local community. First and foremost, we are creating a local community of workers here at Office Nomads. Beyond our internal community, we (Office Nomads and myself personally) are deeply involved in Sustainable Capitol Hill, our neighborhood sustainability group. We are also members of the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce, connecting us with other local businesses on the hill. I am a member of the Madison Market’s Central Co-Op.