Sostane Seattle

Renee LaCoste


I am a Seattle native. Single mother. Organic, gluten free vegan interested in raw diet. Spend as much time as possible outdoors. Try to show my 3 year old son as much as I can about mother earth and giving back to her.

Green Steps Taken

Consumption, packaging. I have noticed my recycle is always full. I used to be proud of that until I realized that although I was recycling everything I could I was still consuming. I now look for ways to reuse more and consume less. We do not purchase things with excessive packaging. We also shop more locally.

Surprising Successes

Reusing many items whenever possible that would typically be recycled in the city recycle or thrown away.

Having Trouble With

I am trying to convince a room mate about living in a more aware consciousness. We are currently working on composting and garden water saving.

Giving Back

For years I have been involved through my business with many charitable events. I have organized small fundraisers for Make-A-Wish foundation, animal rights organizations and am currently working on gathering donations and preparing food for homeless families living in tent cities. I have a strong desire to become a bigger advocate of hemp education and awareness.