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Country Meadow Ltd. manufactures and distributes our own line of skin care and spa products. Most of our products are based on natural ingredients such as shea butter, avocado butter, coconut oil, rice bran oil, plant extracts and various emollients and conditioners.

We offer luxury products using simple ingredients for a tranquil experience in your own home or spa setting.

Pearls of Sand

Country Meadow Ltd. products are environmentally and socially responsible. We use recycled content packaging whenever possible. All of our products are animal friendly! No animal or animal by-products are used nor is the final product tested on animals

Green Steps Taken:

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Packaging is recyclable.
Products are biodegradable
We reuse any and all packaging (boxes, peanuts) for shipping.
Ingredients are sustainable and non-endangered.

New Processes:

We had our product packaging redesigned so we are using less material.

currently working on?

Reducing our carbon footprint.

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