Sostane Seattle

Nellie Allnutt

Business name: Allie Walker Designs


We have a line of eco-friendly products for women and kids. We started with the Hip GripTM, a reusable fabric cup sleeve for lattes and now we do stainless steel water bottles and waste free lunchboxes.

Green Steps Taken:

We operate out of my basement, so there’s no commute. We really think about how we ship and receive our products to create as little waste as possible.

Currently Working On:

We would like to expand our line, but it’s been really hard in this economy. I would love to invent the perfect reusable gift wrap solution!

Surprising Successes:

The Hip Grip™ cup sleeve has been embraced by some big companies. We put logos! on them for businesses and would love to have similar success with our new waste free lunchbox for schools.

Having Trouble With:

We would love to manufacture our products locally, but it is prohibitively expensive. We still do some of our Hip Grips here in Seattle, but our margin is so small it’s VERY hard to sustain.

Growing My Business:

We want to create quality, useful products for women and their kids. There’s a lot of pressure in manufacturing to produce more products to get the price down and we need to stay true to our values. It’s hard to envision growth while we are trying hard to just hang on right now….

Giving Back:

I am the Chair of the Sustainability Committee at my kids school. We also donate annually to Coffee Kids, an organization that promotes educational opportunities for children in coffee growing countries.