Sostane Seattle

Melissa Salini

Habitat for Humanity of East King County |


I am a recent transplant from Northern California currently employed through Habitat for Humanity of East King County/Americorps. Our affiliate strives to create green and truly affordable housing in EKC.

Steps Taken

My daughter and I have voluntarily simplified our lives by downsizing personal items – utilizing public transport/vanpool – we live in communal housing and within our shared housing cook food for one another throughout the week with local, organic foods.

Surprising Successes

Preparing yummy shared meals, vanpooling, green building!

Having Trouble With

Transportation when not vanpooling – beauty rituals.

Giving Back

I work full time with HFH EKC & Americorps facilitating volunteers on-site to help with the building process. I swap childcare with other moms & volunteer weekly at my daughter’s school.