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Tote2Go! Double Shopper Set

Handmade reusable grocery shopping tote bags made from 100% recycled, repurposed and remnant fabrics sourced from local charitable organizations in Seattle, WA.

Green Steps Taken:

Using fabric that would otherwise be headed for the landfill, recycling and donating scrap fabrics to other crafters, being mindful about energy usage

(unplugging machines at the end of the day, energy efficient lights, rechargable batteries, etc), reducing use of disposable items, reducing overall fuel consumption by keeping driving trips to a minimum, purchasing pre-owned items whenever possible.

New Processes:

Tote2Go! Double Shoppers folded into their pockets

Making the decision to use recycled fabrics exclusively (as opposed to organic or newly manufactured fabrics) was a big commitment, but worth it.

Currently Working On:

All of the above!

Having Trouble With:

I’m looking for a way to effectively recycle my fabric scraps. I’ve heard there are companies that shred recycled fabrics to make insulation, but I have yet to find them! Any other fabric/fiber recycling ideas are welcome as well!

Growing My Business:

If I were to grow my business, I would want to acquire some working capital to be able to employ stay-at-home moms to help them work at home as well as funds to implement a marketing / distribution plan. I am also working on a more efficient way to source recycled / repurposed material.

Giving Back:

I organize a group of Seattle metropolitan based craft makers ( which supports emerging artists. We produce our own craft shows, support local community organizations and encourage local buying practices. I personally donate products to fund-raising events whenever possible, purchase locally with a focus on sustainable products and investigate companies to help me make an informed decision about where my money is spent.

Surprising Successes:

Starting a business that is a part of the “green movement” has been a wonderful experience. I am encouraged by the positive response I have gotten from the public and feel empowered with the information I have learned so far about the every day impact of the choices we make as human beings. I am hopeful that we will all figure it out sooner than later…

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  1.    by: Lynn Colwell October 31st, 2008 11:42 am

    Hi Marlo. Love your totes and love that you’re using recycled materials only. I’m wondering if you have checked with Eco Haus. I know they carry insulation made from recycled fabrics, but maybe they are just jeans. Not sure. But they might connect you to someone.

    Have you thought about using recycled silver for some of your beautiful designs. I was especially thinking about how appropriate that would be for the baby bracelets.

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