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Celebrate Green

The Green Year, LLC


Our business, The Green Year, is an umbrella for our intellectual property, currently, a book due out in October, “Celebrate Green! Creating Eco-Savvy Holidays, Celebrations and Traditions for the Whole Family,” as well as our consultancy. We work with individuals and businesses to green up their celebrations.

Corey and Lynn

Green Steps Taken:

We started out green and doing our best in this direction is a basic value. We sought out a green publisher, are keeping hard copy marketing materials to a minimum, support green, sustainable, eco-friendly, Fair Trade businesses. We’re giving a portion of the proceeds of our book to two non-profits, and

Currently Working On:

At this moment, I’m working on PR for our book.

Having Trouble With:

The hardest thing is to find local suppliers who are price competitive. We are committed to buying everything locally and on a personal level, we’re not opposed to spending more, but as a business, especially in our current situation, we simply cannot afford it. We had hoped to have our book printed here but couldn’t find a printer who was close to competitive with the Canadian printer we chose (FSC certified and printing on recycled paper etc.)

Surprising Successes:

We’ve been able to find so many partners who are like minded and want to support us and what we’re doing.

Growing My Business:

Growing our business is fully dependent on partnerships, collaboration and interest from others. We know we have an incredible book that can really make a difference, but due to circumstances way beyond our control, we’ve had to take over the production from a publisher. This means most of our money has gone into printing the book, leaving little for marketing. So we are dependent on word of mouth and collaborative agreements to succeed.

Giving Back:

I mentioned earlier that a portion of the proceeds of our book is going to Treeswing, a Seattle non-profit that is doing tremendous work in the schools to support children. One of their new initiatives is to see that every child in a particular grade, receives a jump rope. Their focus is on getting kids active, up off the couch and into the world of nature. We also mention many local businesses in our book and will continue to support them on our website and blog. If we can somehow advertise what they sell around a holiday, we want to do it. And of course, we want to buy local whenever possible.