Sostane Seattle

Leah Jacobs

Akina Designs |


Earth-friendly landscape design, installation and maintenance – of both residential and commercial properties in the Greater Seattle Area.

Green Steps Taken:

Our commitment to using native plant material means plants grow in their natural setting among the elements they inherently crave in terms of their need for water, sun and natural nutrients. As such, we design to encourage a reduced need for supplemental watering with an emphasis on proper plant selection and placement. Furthermore, we foster a nutrient-rich environment through our choice in soil products and amendment techniques.
No one likes weeds and pests, including us. That’s why we’re committed to using eco-friendly alternatives to keep them at bay! Our landscape team is trained in integrated pest management techniques and natural weed suppression methods. Our strategy includes working from the soil up creating the healthiest environment possible for the landscape, not only so the plants flourish, but so the natural ecosystem thrives as well. If necessary, we use mulches or natural products to aid in weed suppression and/or to increase the beneficial insects.

Having Trouble With:

The environmental impact of driving large vehicles!

Growing My Business:

Continuing to have fun, build personalized relationships with customers and be profitable!

Giving Back:

Akina Designs supports several charities through volunteer work and donations – the Outdoors for All Foundation is our charity of choice.