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beneficial design provides simple and effective web design for women entrepreneurs in Seattle, the Puget Sound and beyond. Inspired by your remarkable stories, we organize and refine your initial ideas to form a presence and identity that best reflects you. Your site will be easy, welcoming and uniquely crafted to showcase your profession.

Considering the earth every step of the way, beneficial design mentors the creative process for low environmental impact marketing materials. From migrating rarely-used printed letterhead into digital versions, or creating small one-page brochures using high post-consumer recycled paper and soy inks instead of more wasteful and expensive multi-page versions, we help you save money and the environment.

We use paperless invoicing and proofing, reduced our personal consumption and purchase green energy for our office. Would you like to know how to do the same for your business? We can also take a look at the way you run your business and see what improvements you can make in your day-to-day operations and how you can make your transactions more green. Beneficial for you, beneficial for all of us.

Intrigued? Contact beneficial design to share your project ideas. We see our free consulation as a way to get to know each other and see if we are a good fit for your projects.

Green Steps Taken:

All lightbulbs have been changed to CFLs, all business machines are unplugged when not in use, paperless invoicing and proofing, solar-powered web hosting for some websites, reusable shopping bags, very limited driving (telecommute), natural lighting throughout the day, email marketing (no printed mailings), library books, use 100% post consumer recycled paper (when we need to print), FSC certified paper for our business cards, and purchase green energy.

New Processes:

We had to reinvent how we we billed clients and sent contracts while still making our paperwork look professional. With Quickbooks we were able to implement a digital letterhead on all of our invoices and we use Adobe Acrobat to digitally sign our contracts.

Currently Working On:

We are in the process of transferring all of our websites to solar-powered hosting and it’s going to take longer than we thought.

Having Trouble With:

The process of moving all of our websites is tedious and we are having to do a lot of archiving in order to make the switch. It’s not as quick as we had hoped. Also, it’s been hard to cut down on computer time and electricity usage and installing solar panels are not in our budget right now.

Growing My Business:

Right now Beneficial Design is at a healthy size and we have no plans on expanding. Working small and personalized give our clients the attention they need. We are looking at seeing how we can network with other women in business and how we can collaborate.

Giving Back:

First and foremost, we guide our clients to make the most eco-conscious decisions with their own projects. Changing the way a project is typically put together into one that is more sustainably made is how we can participate in making a difference bigger than ourselves. We volunteer for the local chapter of Dress for Success in helping them with their website and postcard design. We employ local candidates who telecommute from home. We also donate to Women for Women International.

Surprising Successes:

I am surprised on the amount of time and money I have saved on paperless billing (no stamps, no runs to the post office, no time spent printing and wasted paper) and checking out books from the library. It’s freed up my budget to focus more on green investments.