Sostane Seattle

Julie Beall


I work with Greenworks Real Estate and I am pursuing my MBA in Sustainable Business at Bainbridge Graduate Institute. It is my hope and dream that we, as a country, dismiss words like greed and profit for new works like community and creativity.

Green Steps Taken

I have been driving on biofuel since 2005. I currently collect restaruant oil and make it. I just moved into a condo with my partner to demonstrate community living in my life. I work at root Connection in Woodinville once a week in exchange for organic veggies. Yum! Where I use to be a world traveler, I am grown to enjoy traveling b/c I know what my carbon footprint is when I step on that plane. I try to limit trips to visit family and special events.

Surprising Successes

Eating organic foods are helping me lose weight!

Having Trouble With

I still love a good bottle of wine. The bottle embodies a terrible footprint, but I just can’t buy the box o wine yet. (progress is being made in the direction though!)