Sostane Seattle

Jocelyn Campbell


Numbers that actually empower small businesses–now that’s accounting! I like to help owners find empowering numbers, using QuickBooks, accounting services, training and consulting. Besides experience with small businesses, I’ve also worked with non-profits, alternative healthcare, construction and eco businesses.

Steps Taken

In my business, I use recycled paper products wherever I can and save or send things electronically instead of printing and mailing. At home, I’m starting a worm bin for my kitchen scraps, am growing veggies on my condo patio and using my dryer less by hanging clothes to dry as much as I can.

Surprising Successes

Most surprising to me is the Seattle and Puget Sound Eco Workshops Calendar I compile. There are SO many more hands-on workshops in all shades of green in this area than I first imagined! Wow. It’s a lot to keep up with. Plus, I put it out on the web before I had completely finished developing the site because the content is just too good not to share, and it’s been surprisingly well-received.

Having Trouble With

Driving less is difficult for me. Currently I drive to my clients’ offices, and I would like to be able to bus or bike or walk when possible.

Giving Back

The Eco Calendar is a huge donation of my time at this stage. I also volunteer with my eco-minded UU church, and have volunteered with my kids’ schools and theatre programs. I buy locally when I can, and am learning as much as I can about all things eco.