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Joanna L. Dyckhoff

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Joanna L. Dyckhoff


LotusHaus™ is a Seattle-based boutique design studio that specializes in the design and marketing of Organic & Sustainable apparel + home products and services. Resulting from a desire to experience a healthy & meaningful organic lifestyle, this one woman operation engages in a holistic approach to the business of creativity.

LotusHaus™ also provides event design, green DJ entertainment, gift and invitation design, decor and floral arrangements in global, modern and green style.

Green Steps Taken:

I have a background in designing sustainable apparel with organic cotton and other alternative fibers, and together with my husband and his affinity for nature, we aspired to make choices that would help us live greener lifestyles, not just in our household, but also in our businesses. Before each new purchase of a product or service we research all of our options and search for the most sustainable choice. We drive a hybrid Prius, use an energy star rated printer, use 100% PCW Recycled Paper, we reduce, reuse and recycle everything that we can and we also participate in green power programs available from our local utility providers.

Surprising Successes:

I was part of the design team that developed the first organic cotton yoga wear to be sold in Sam’s Club. The line was well received and helped to introduce more organic cotton apparel into the Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart stores.

Growing My Business:

The most important thing about growing my business is to stay true to myself and my beliefs.

Giving Back:

I volunteer my time and talent to many local organizations that involve creativity and the urban youth.