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Jessie Upp

Jessie Upp

Green Your Theme |

Description: is an ongoing Virtual Trade Show of Green Event Suppliers.

Green Steps Taken:

I have established a partnership with an international distributor of promotional products and I have an eye for drawing out green solutions that align with my client’s brand.

Currently Working On:

I help event producers green their events with green solutions from a variety of suppliers, from green venues to green event favors.

Surprising Successes:

We have 100+ exhibitors, all featuring different shades of green for the event industry.

Having Trouble With:

Finding green event venues that are willing to promote their space as “green.”

Growing your Business:

We are building a network of green event experts and green advisory board.

Giving Back:

I purchase green when and where I can. I not only provide a foundation for others to promote green practices and solutions in the Event Industry, I teach these practices to my children. They now have an eye out for earth friendly solutions and practices!