Sostane Seattle

Jessica S. Scott


  • Corporate sell out—Working for the Man (Jewelry Chain Headquarters)
  • Print and Web designer (Beneficial Design)

Green Steps Taken:


  • Use public transportation and bike instead of driving
  • Carpool
  • Recycle, give to a new home and donate items
  • CFL light bulbs
  • No air conditioning
  • Borrow before buying
  • Think twice before purchasing
  • Purchasing sustainable and organic products
  • Supporting our community by trying to buy locally

New Processes:

It was very hard for me to bring my own shopping bags with me now that I do not have a car. Before I could leave them in the back seat and whenever I stopped somewhere I could use them instead of taking a plastic bag.

I also forget to realize how easy it is to make a few daily changes. I refill a Nalgene instead of buying water bottles, I bring a coffee mug instead of drinking out of disposable cups. I turn the lights out when I leave the room. I think twice before printing.

Also, you forget to consider everything…the obvious things to practice sustainability is produce, energy and paper. But don’t forget cleaning products and other chemicals that can harm the earth. Most importantly I believe it is easy to forget our community by shopping locally.

Having Trouble with:

I think change is the hardest choice for businesses. It affects many instead of one, but by committing to change means you are making a bigger impact quicker. It seems like a hefty dollar every time you need to invest in a new practice, product or belief. In the long run you can help yourself and the world by being sustainable-conscious. You will save money in the end and you’ll feel good doing so.

Surprising Successes:

Saving on energy! Just look over your electric bill…you’ll be glad and have extra bucks in your pocket.

Promoting Green Outside the Home:

It is hard to preach to the choir or all people that have busy hectic lives. The best way for me to influence others is by my actions and testimonials.

Community Involvement:

  • I donate monetarily and run races for good causes
  • I buy local products and services: Mode Salon Seattle, farmers markets
  • Fair trade is important too, you can find that easily when purchasing coffee
  • I work where I’m passionate and that usually means we believe in the same ideals: Beneficial Design