Sostane Seattle

Jennifer Hudson

Green Steps Taken:

I make & use reusable bags, we turn off the lights when we aren’t in a room, my in-laws know to bring a couple of extra sweatshirts in the winter – our house hovers around 58F for a few months… I am trying to teach my girls to take care of our! earth from their earliest years. We recycle everything we can. We get our produce from a CSA farm 4 miles from our house, as well as growing what we can in our small backyard garden… we share the extra with our neighbors. All of us use a Sigg water bottle every day rather than plastic. My girls take their lunch in a Laptop Lunchbox to cut down on waste, and to eat healthier food than the school offers (ugh!). We are trying!

Surprising Successes:

The grocery bags. I already had an online store selling handbags, but after having my personal grocery bags bought off of my shoulder a few times, I decided to make reusable grocery bags to sell – but they are cute, and don’t have a store logo emblazoned across them.

Having Trouble With:

Cutting down on water. My girls are… well, girls. They like to take long showers. Really long ones. We are working on this with each shower!

Giving Back:

We buy local as much as possible. I try to tell everyone around me what we all need to do… unfortunately much of it falls on deaf ears. I know some is getting through though – I watch my in-laws and note that they at least think about some things now! And they are using reusable grocery bags – cute ones!