Sostane Seattle

Jen Johnson

Marketing Manager at


I am the Marketing Manager and one of the owners of MC Electric Vehicles, a Seattle based electric car dealership. Through my involvement with MCEV I have become MUCH more aware of my impact on the environment, I was thrust into the ‘world of green’ and now I’m very much enjoying it!

Green Steps Taken:

I think the biggest thing that I have done is to drive an electric car on nearly a daily basis (I’d love to say it’s my only car, but they don’t work for my commute just yet). I have become much more community minded; I try to make sure my purchases come from as close to home as possible, I am working on bringing my company into a much more community & sustainable orientated mindset as well- we are working on ways to support local groups involved in sustainability. I have even made sure our company uses cups made from veggies and plates made from sugar cane!

Surprising Successes:

I don’t know that this is the most surprising necessarily, but it’s my favorite for sure. I have started purchasing nearly all of my groceries through, a delivery service that stocks organic and local food- and I LOVE IT! It is such an EASY way to support local businesses and! farmers, I can’t believe I hadn’t done this sooner.

Having Trouble With:

I’m not sure that there are really ‘methods’ that I’m having trouble with. I really want to continue to ‘makeover’ my life, my little world, into a more green and eco-friendly environment- but it takes time. I think my problem is that I want to go through and overhaul everything because I’m genuinely excited about it. BUT, I also know that part of this new mindset is not being wasteful, so until my energy draining light bulbs burn out, they will remain.

Giving Back:

I would love to become more involved in my community; I’m ashamed to say I do not volunteer right now, I’m hoping with the slow season coming up I will be able to so. I am in charge of marketing and web design for my business and as a part of that I created a community partners program- we work with other eco-friendly businesses to help support eachother. I am also working on ways to further support groups like the Sierra Club and Earth 911 through our new website and through educational materials in our showrooms.