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I offer Eco Lifestyle Coaching via holistic green assessments for home dwellers, business leaders, community groups, and educators; mentoring; eco-house parties; sustainable life coaching; class/workshop facilitation; and eco-party planning.

Green Steps Taken:

The biggest contribution I make is teaching others how to become peaceful and sustainable choice-makers. Because I believe that it is vitally important to model what I teach, I consider who and what I am affecting each time I make a decision. Some of the positive choices I make include adapting a compassionate work ethic, biking or busing to meet with clients, using eco-office materials, giving sustainable door prizes, ordering brochures from a company who uses renewable energy, etc.

New Processes:

Not much as I completed a degree in environmental sustainability and applied much of what I learned when I started my business.

Currently Working On:

I work out of my home, and I would like my house to be powered by the sun.

Having Trouble With:

I have not found a local AND green printing company who makes business cards.

Growing My Business:

I would like more clients, especially those who are open to change and see my services as a way to benefit all life (self, other people, animals, and the natural world).

Giving Back:

I currently have two pro-bono accounts and strive to have one per month. I am a member of my local CoolMoms chapter and have been active in PhinneyGreenwood Climate Change Action Now! (CCAN!) for the last several years. I planned an eco-potluck for my neighbors last summer as I believe that building community is a huge part of being sustainable. I try to purchase as little as possible. When I do consume, I choose sustainable offerings that benefit people, animals, and the environment.

Surprising Successes:

People who are already well on their way to being green have hired me.

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  1.    by: Kaytlyn July 21st, 2008 1:57 pm

    I have found these local printers that could help you out with your business cards:
    Print West (this is who I use)
    Printery (They were the most local and most green, but their site isn’t coming up right now)
    Capitol City Press
    Stella Color (banners and signs)

    And here are a couple long distance green printers (kind of defeats the local part, but they are green):

    National list:
    FSC certified Printers

    Good luck and let me know if I can help with anything!