Sostane Seattle

Esther Gregory


I just graduated from UW with a conservation biology BS, and am now job hunting and setting up a home with my boyfriend, Max.

Green Steps Taken:

I have decreased the amount of new stuff I buy, mostly through shopping at thrift stores. Things that aren’t readily available used, I’ve bought new. Such as the toxin-free futon we recently purchased from Soaring Heart Natural Bedding here in Seattle. All of my cleaners and personal hygiene products are also non-toxic or natural alternatives such as vinegar/water. Although Max likes shiny new things, especially electronics, so we have purchased a fair number of totally new items to furnish our apartment.

I’ve also tried to green up my hobbies. I am an avid crocheter and make afghans for my friends and family. The last afghan I made entirely from organic cotton, which turned out to be quite pricey. My current project I’m using yarn I find at thrift stores, unraveling ugly sweaters, and buying a few skeins of renewable materials (bamboo, soy). This creates an interesting design challenge (of having to work with many colors) but is more environmental than traditional yarn and more reasonable than all sustainable fibers.

Surprising Successes:

I bought all of dishes from Goodwill, but only selected dishes from one maker (which made it take several months to get enough dishes) but because of that all of my dishes look like they go together, despite being different patterns.

Having Trouble With:

Compost has been such a challenge for me. I live in an apartment building that does not provide yard waste and does not have a balcony (for a compost bin). Eventually I will rally support among my neighbors and approach my apartment manager with a request for a yard waste bin, but I just moved in…

Giving Back:

I have just started volunteering in Wallingford and surrounding neighborhoods, but I hope to do more of that in the future. And like many people I buy local produce whenever I can.