Sostane Seattle

Emily Watrous


I am currently learning about graphic design by attending classes at the School of Visual Concepts and by working with Kaytlyn Sanders at Benefical Design. I have two environmental studies/science degrees from the University of Washington that have influenced my designs to be innovative and as environmentally friendly as possible.

Green Steps Taken:

I utilize natural light throughout the day, sleep my computer and monitor when not using it. I turn my tv and dvd player off at the power strip to keep them from drawing power even when they’re “off.” I buy local food whenever possible and walk to the grocery store with my reusable totes for the rest. My family is a member of the Helsing Junction CSA. Our house has three non-CFL light bulbs and we never use those bulbs! I try not to drive whenever possible and try to combine errands into one trip. I print on the back of old documents and papers before putting them into the recycle bin.

New Processes:

As an aspiring graphic designer, I find it hard to determine the most environmentally responsible ways to be a print designer. I love print design, but it tends to use more materials than digital design. I enjoy the challenge to minimize material usage and maximize re-usability in my designs.

Having Trouble with:

I’m having trouble with the car situation. Living in Lynnwood but having family all around the area and a dog that goes everywhere with me, I find it hard to use public transportation for more than just special occasions.

Surprising Successes:

Learning that I can be an environmentally friendly designer and that my environmental degrees will be more useful to me in the design profession than they ever were in the environmental profession.

Giving Back:

I am on the board for my Homeowners Association where I am currently proposing the use of solar power for the common areas in our Association. I have also started a campaign to recycle more and throw away less in our development.

Community Involvement:

I love to buy locally and will pop out of bed at 8:30 on the weekends to go to a Farmer’s Market. I enjoy buying local furniture and housewares rather than things from box stores.