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Elena Lipson

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Elena LipsonDescription

I am a freelance writer on all thing sustainable, healthy and luxurious in the realm of eco fashion, organic beauty, and a beautiful green lifestyle. I currently write for my own blog,, am a guest blogger for, and am a featured writer for

Steps Taken

Personally, I have completely changed the way I shop. When it comes to groceries, I shop bulk, bring my own bags and have really re-discovered my passion for cooking at home.

In business, I write about, research and recommend amazing companies and individuals who are creating products in an ethical fashion. This means having an awareness of not only the quality and eco aspects of the products itself, but also taking time to consider the process in which it is created. This equals ethical luxury.

Surprising Successes

I have been thrilled to discover a true community of other women and men who are open to sharing information, open to connecting and exchanging ideas and most of all, I have been pleasantly surprised in seeing how much is being done to make things better in every corner of the world.

Having Trouble With

My constant gremlin is staying organized. I am a work at home mom to a magical toddler. Between my playtime with him, loving to spend time with my hunky hubby, and taking time for ME…the organizing tends to stay on the back burner a bit too long at times.

Giving Back

I shop local for almost all my personal needs. I have been writing a regular feature on creating your own beauty products at home. I work with the local moms group to set up clothing and toy swaps to help in reusing, reducing and recycling the wonderful STUFF we all have but have grown out of. I have not purchase a single winter jacket for my son since he was born. We always swap out the small stuff for the next set of sizes. Community swaps are an amazing way to meet other moms, connect with local community and cut spending.