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Deborah Epstein

Deborah Epstein, ND | Lumina Health Naturopathic Medicine


Dr. Epstein is a naturopathic physician licensed by the State of Washington, and graduate of Bastyr University. She focuses on helping people restore their health using natural medicines and treatments that stimulate the body’s own self-healing power. She takes a systemic approach, supporting patients through nourishing food and lifestyle changes, and nautral treatments that support discovery of optimum wellness.

Dr. Epstein’s special interests include:
**Cleansing and Detoxification
**Stress-care, including sleep regulation
**Healing digestive disturbances
…as well as General Medicine – from annual wellness checkups and seasonal illness to managing and treating chronic disease.

Green Steps Taken

I’m just getting this business opened up, and am hoping to learn, by networking with likeminded folks, some things about environmental and sustainability topics that I haven’t thought of on my own.

Currently Working On

I’m a recycler/composter/buy-in-bulk sort of person at home, and will transfer those habits to my business.

Surprising Successes

I’m just getting my practice open in the next couple weeks, so hope to have much to report in the near future!

Having Trouble With

Three areas that I’m planning to investigate include: 1) while I use non-toxic and some home-made cleaners at home, I need to figure out how to meet the different needs for sterility in a doctor’s office, with the least-toxic products I can find. 2) I’m struggling with the issue of throwaway vs. reusable medical tools, specifically gynecological specula – the plastic generates more waste, but the metal ones I think use probably nasty chemicals to sterilize in the pre-treatment phase, and I have to figure out which is the lesser of 2 evils, and 3) over time I’d like to find a good e-records system, so I don’t have to generate and store huge piles of paper (aka charts).

Growing Your Business

I’m definitely looking to work with patients who are passionate about the environment – both the external and internal environments (which are intimately connected, of course!)

Giving Back

I volunteer my time to give talks on health and wellness in the community. I am an avid recycler, composter, pollution-minimizer, consumption-limiter.

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  1.    by: Monica Simeon February 22nd, 2009 12:40 am

    Is this Deb my UW college room mate? PLEASE e-mail me so we can reconnect. I have been thinking of you lately. I think it’s wonderful that you started a business……being a business owner myself! Hope to hear from you soon! -Monica