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Deborah Barnes


I am the former owner of Zootsuit Custom Apparel, now teaching recyCouture and basic sewing. I am also the director, producer, artisan, designer, writer, marketing front person etc of fashionRIP a multiple medium, collaborative, art installation project Ialso write articles for Green for Good and volunteer at the Sanctuary Art Center.

Green Steps Taken:

Custom Apparel kept me out of the mass production mode which I’ve always disliked. After closing the biz I went back to school and received more degrees (4) as well as a Certificate in Communications, Business and Media. I saw connections between disciplines which is now validated by the sustainable movement….yes!

Now the fashion and textile realm is where I focus, utilizing much of what I have gathered along my path. I started the Art Guild of Sustainable Ballard in 2004 and though I let go the leadership I remain in touch. One of the last classes I had Spring 2008 was in Environmental Science. Wow–a must do for all of us.

I bus when possible, teach recyCouture and refashion furniture as well. I have been invited to the Fashioning the Future Summit 2008 at the London College of Fashion and will try to do outcome presentations as many places as I can!

Surprising Successes:

The invite to the Summit!

Having Trouble With:

So far my work isn’t economically sustainable, I moved into my mothers home to go back to school which was a catalyst to this other work.

Giving Back:

I volunteer at the Sanctuary, am trying to volunteer at the Fremont Abbey in exchange for a few days use of their hall to shoot the video portion of the Species on the Verge chapter of fashionRIP. I write articles for Green for Good in exchange for goodwill.

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  1.    by: Bridgett December 14th, 2008 12:15 am

    Wow Deborah – I didn’t realize you had four degrees in addition to the certification. You got a lot goin’ on! Keep up the good work and the fight for a cause in which you truly believe.