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Debbie Gianelli

Debbie Gianelli, CFP®
Whole Family Financial Services
(Licensed with KMS Financial Services Inc.)
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Debbie Gianelli

Multigenerational financial planning and wealth management. Specializing in working with families who are concerned about the world they are leaving for future generations and therefore prefer socially responsible investing.

Green Steps Taken

Whole Family Financial Services is committed to educating clients and the public about socially responsible investing. We also reduce our use of paper by emailing our Newsletter, forms and documents whenever possible. We recycle and try to use eco-friendly office supplies. Clients are offered filtered water instead of bottled water. Best of all, we work from a home-based office and don’t commute!

Currently Working On

Workshop on socially responsible investing, Money Matters for Kids Class, Get your Financial House in Order Class

Surprising Successes

The Green Festival in Edmonds. The attendees were an awesome bunch of concerned folks!

Having Trouble With

Trying to make financial planning and investing interesting and approachable for people who are not knowledgeable, are intimidated or are just confused about what they should be doing.

Most Important About Growing Business

To make sure that the client is a good fit for my business and that I can meet or exceed his/her expectations.

Giving Back

Whole Family Financial Services! offers free educational classes on socially responsible investing. Supporter of Green Halloween. Local shopper and supporter of eco-friendly products.