Sostane Seattle

Cheryl Dillon

Mother Nature’s Organics |


Fresh organic produce home (&business) delivery service.

Steps Taken

We buy local produce as much as possible, use earth freindly cleaning products, we recycle our bins, and wrapping products, we donate extra produce, the damage produce goes to a chicken farmer.

Currently Working On

We are working on developing a co-op drop off system where we can have one person or family in a neighborhood be the drop off point for the families in that neighborhood.

Surprising Successes

I was really excited when I discovered chickens love produce and by donating to the chickens we could reduce our waste to nothing.

Having Trouble With

I am really passionate about getting organic produce to lower income children.

Growing Your Business

I want to provide fresh convenient high quality fruits and vegetables to people.

Giving Back

We purchase fair trade (grow bananas) and as much local produce as possible. We donate to clothes for kids, and volunteers of america, and extra produce to needy familys and food banks. I volunteer when I can to help the homeless, and for an event called giving day.