Sostane Seattle

membership directory

All of our members (individuals and businesses) are local women using sustainable practices, and are screened by our application process.

Amy Pennington

Susan Kimbrough

Elena Lipson

Cheryl Dillon

Stephanie Gailing

Wendy Powell

Joanna L. Dyckhoff

Jessie Upp

Corey Colwell-Lipson

Julie Beall

Tara Smith

Jen Johnson

Trish Libb

Debbie Gianelli

Jennifer Hudson

Ellie Kemery

Lynn Colwell

Anna Le

Leah Jacobs

Sara Seumae

Candice Caldwell

Tracy Crowley

Gina Diamond

Rebecca Wood

Amy Woidtke

Emily Watrous

Jessica S. Scott

Shauna Ahern

Jeannine Gurga

Marlo Miyashiro

Kaytlyn Sanders