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Candice Caldwell

Fashion Ethic |


Fashion Ethic is an online boutique specializing in “Fashionably Responsible” apparel and accessories from independent, eco-friendly, and socially conscious designers.

Green Steps Taken:

We were founded on the idea of creating a mainstream boutique experience were conscious consumerism and sustainable products are the norm, rather than the exception.

Currently Working On:

Sourcing fashionable and sustainable lines of apparel and accessories that are high quality but not high priced; growing product lines into childrens and mens; considering more promotions where we can raise money for good causes.

Having Trouble With:

Hard to find good eco-friendly labels! Not sure about the pros and cons over carbon-offset shipping practices – it seems to be a new recommendation every day. Also, ensuring that bamboo fabrics and fibers are harvested and processed in an ecologically-friendly way…this has been in the news, thanks to the conventional textile PR machine.

Surprising Successes:

Finding that the US Postal Service is one of the greenest shipping options! Hearing from customers who notice the “fresh smell” of their hand-dyed, organic clothing when they open the package.

Growing My Business:

That the customer loves the product and recognizes the value in organics, low-impact dyes, recycled or sustainable fibers, and sweatshop-free labor and that the company can maintain quality assurance as we bring on new designers and lines.

Giving Back:

I have always done a lot of volunteer work, from Big Brothers/Big Sisters to the Seattle chapter of the International Rescue Committee (IRC) to events at my daughter’s schools. Fashion Ethic continues this involvement with different promotions and donations (local fundraising auctions, % of Sales to Myanmar relief, WWF, etc). Our buying guidelines call for only sustainable and sweatshop-free product purchases, and make it simple for customers to see what each garment represents. We employ interns from local fashion programs at SPU and AIS.