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Anna Le

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Children and Family Lifestyle Photography, Wedding Photography, Event Photography, and Commercial Photography

Green Steps Taken:

Changed all the lights in the office to compact fluorescents, tried to find recycled photo paper –none out there, use recycled products for packaging end product to clients.

Currently Working On:

Currently working on finding a greener way to print images. Finding a printing service that is green.

Having Trouble With:

Using recycled photo paper in printing… Not available

Surprising Successes:

Being less wasteful with solutions and inks, etc when photo processing. All that is toxic waste. Went from darkroom (toxic stuff) to digital printing (less toxic, I think.)

Growing My Business:

Grow it responsibly, especially in photography, try to eliminate toxic solutions, etc.

Giving Back:

Donate my time and photography sessions to non-profit organizations that in turn better our community.