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I am a green interior decorator and consultant, a diva on a mission to support people’s happiness by providing them with inspiring, supportive and welcoming eco-friendly spaces, without sacrificing personal style or color. I take care of your spaces so your spaces! take care of you.


Our homes are sanctuaries where we rejuvenate, entertain, share intimacy, raise our families, etc. Spaces that support, inspire and welcome us to do so are key elements in supporting us to live our best lives. It’s my honor to contribute to these experiences through my interior services.

Whether your style is mild, wild or in-between, eco-friendly interior styling can happen for you too!

Green Steps Taken:

I recycle everything possible, buy in bulk, buy less in non-recyclable packaging, condense errands to conserve fuel resources, print on recycled paper, use a laptop, buy recycled/sustainable when I can, use eco-friendly products. There is more, I’m sure.

Condensing errands is a big thing – getting oneself out of immediate gratification mode and waiting to do an errand, if possible, until I am going to be in that area of town. I also find myself when I am on errands checking within to see if there is something else I need to do while I am in that area.

Currently Working On:

Currently, I’m researching what is the best method of alternatively powered transportation for my business and eventually, I’ll be purchasing green power and carbon offsets.

Having Trouble With:

Surprising Successes:

Growing My Business:

Leaving a lengthy trail of satisfied clients who know a bit more about environmental products after having their spaces decorat! ed and are better networked with green businesses for services.

Giving Back:

I have plans to donate my services in the future and am currently researching how that is going to take form.

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