Sostane Portland

Valerie Jolie

Northwest Cutting Edge Technologies


I am a certified NORMI environmental consultant and test indoor environments for environmental pollution causing illnesses. I am also certified with activTek Environmental and provide a solution to indoor air quality issues with a technology that scrubs the air and surfaces of germs and odors.

Green Steps Taken

I recently became President of the Oregon Environmental TASC Force and am setting up a local chapter for all green businesses to network together and form a ‘go to’ resource center of businesses involved in environmental health. We are looking for sustainable members and will have our first meeting in June.

Surprise Successes

We certified the Portland Opera with our ‘Space Foundation’ technology and helped reduce employee absenteeism dramatically. I certified the first restaurant chain in the United States with our Space Foundation technologies.

Having Trouble With

Getting information into people’s hands to educate them on our TASC Force opportunity.

Giving Back

I belong to ‘I Take the Lead’ organization and give weekly presentations to businesses and private organizations. I recycle everything I possibly can and educate home owners how to detox their homes from harmful chemicals with our PSP program from NORMI.