Sostane Portland

Rena Hatch

LunaGaia, Wise-woman Life Coaching


I work with self-aware women who are looking for something more personally and professionally. Using solution focused tools and sacred space I inspire them to stand in their true power and Authentic Self. My clients live a more relaxed life with strong boundaries and a strong sense of self. I offer life coaching by phone, private yoga sessions, phone seminars (one free one per month) on relaxation and positive mindset, and annual ocean retreats for women!

Green Steps Taken

I work from home. Walk to local stores or carpool with friends on longer drives. Have truck that runs on biodiesel. Use cfl, recycle, use recycled products, print all my marketing material on recycled paper. My business cards are on recycled card card stock and soy-based ink. My LunaGaia pens that I use and give out are made from recycled plastic. When I take notes during a life coaching session, I use recycled (and often reused -second side from something else) paper. Candles I use are beeswax or soy with all natural cotton wick and only natural scents (100% essential oils). Eco friendly toilet paper, paper napkins, eco friendly cleaning supplies. Give away local organic chocolate to my students at workshops and retreat. Pay for green energy through PGE. And, more but that’s all I can think of right now. ; )

Surprising Successes

Educating my clients and students about being green. Gave away cfl for a few months whenever someone bought a yoga package.

Having Trouble With

Hum. Not sure. I’ll have to think about this one.

Giving Back

I use to be on the Board of Directors at People’s Coop … a local grocery store down the street from me. They have a year round all organic farmers market too! I just recently stepped down from my position. I also donate time to the Girl Scouts to inspire middle school age girls to feel good about their bodies and think positively. And I volunteer my time for a daily meditation by phone.