Sostane Portland

Jamie Smith

Soma Arts Lounge LLC


Soma Arts Lounge brings together healing arts, organization, and sustainability through one on one, and small group coaching. We strive to promote Awareness, Authenticity, Empowerment, Presence, Joy, Unity, & Love through practices which access and activate the wisdom of our bodies and the Earth, so we may each live fully and wholly, together as ONE. Services include Wellness coaching, holistic personal training, organizing, and classes in sustainability awareness.

Green Steps Taken

I have been involved in environmental activism since high school, where I implemented school wide recycling. Since college, I have used canvas shopping bags. I ride a bike or walk over driving most days of the week, and work from home mostly. We use non-toxic products, are non-consumers as much as possible, and I educate my clients on actions and choices for sustainability.

Surprising Successes

That I can live without even more than I thought. Its not just about choosing ‘green’ products, but REDUCING our consumption all together.

Having Trouble With

Finding affordable ‘green’ printing…

Giving Back

I have offered donations to several auctions, source materials for clients [when organizing/designing] from eco-friendly vendors.