Sostane Portland

Hannah Sandmeyer

Q19 Greening, LLC |


Commercial Greening (Cleaning) Service. We service the business community with all janitorial needs, specializing in multi-family apartment turnovers, common area/lobby, office spaces, and post construction greens.

Green Steps Taken

We have been built to be sustainable/conscious/intentional forward thinking business from the ground up. We are very selective in cleaning product selection and purchase and use certifiably all natural, petro-chemical free, non-synthetic products. We respect the dignity of our workforce and provide living wages, 4 day work weeks, and an open, honest workspace. We are a value based company and run every business decision through our triple bottom line.

Currently Working On

We are currently engaged in building a Bakfiets fleet to green spaces by bike.

Surprising Successes

Employee sourcing. The old adage of ‘if you build it, they will come,’ has certainly been true for Q19.

Having Trouble With

Nothing really has been terribly difficult, sourcing good product/ like minded services and business just takes a little more effort.

Growing Your Business

Growing in a sustainable manner, controlling growth so no to lose traction on our quality, building it in a manner that limits transport time and distance.

Giving Back

We do our best to support the green community and built environment by participating in and volunteering at local events (Ecohaus Open House, The BIG Tour, Go Green ’08, etc.) We are looking to develop an employee volunteer policy in our second year of business that would make volunteering in our community a Q19 requirement. We are going vegetarian for the month of February as a company to investigate the benefits of this life style change and the impact it has on our community and local food production. We recently donated to the Children Cancer Association by sponsoring a small child with cancer and her family for Christmas. We offset our vehicle commissions with monthly donations to the Climate Trust to as! sist with our local and global carbon footprint. We support local businesses and shop locally at every opportunity.