Sostane Portland

Fiona Mitchell


I am part owner of a sustainable transportation company in Portland. Care for our environment has always been important to me and affects all that I do. I have a degree in art history from Ohio University and would like to get my masters in sustainable business fairly soon.

Green Steps Taken:

I have been recycling all my life, or for as long as I can remember, I buy green cleaning products for my home and business and have just purchased multiple energy efficient appliances. I also try to make it easier for others to be a little greener by offering them a sustainable transportation option for commuting and entertainment.
I’ve definitely had to rethink the way I shop, where I buy, and reducing the number of trips I make when I drive.

Surprising Successes:

Starting ecoShuttle and convincing the City of Athens to put in more recycling bins in uptown Athens.

Having Trouble With:

I have not been able to volunteer in a very long time and I need some help when it comes to paperless marketing.

Giving Back:

ecoShuttle donates regularly to local charities, organizations, and schools. We also use a local biodiesel producer, who collects his grease locally, as our fuel supplier. We stock our coolers with locally crafted wine and beer and highlight locations that are sustainable. I buy locally produced items when I can (though I need to get better at this) and always buy the green option when available.