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Podcast: Lifeline Activity, Happy Earth Day! (Episode 6)

The sixth episode of our Sustainable Sisterhood Podcast. And Keely comes back for another guest appearance!
(also available on iTunes)

What is your sustainable path? Looking at your past can help you identify what commitments you want to make in the future.

Video (50 min, best viewed at full screen):

Lifeline Activity PDF (download)

Audio (50 min):

Podcast: Support Your Sisters! (Episode 5)

The fifth episode of our Sustainable Sisterhood Podcast.
(also available on iTunes)

What women do you have that support you? Who do you support?

Audio (5 min):

Podcast: How Do You Use Technology? (Episode 4)

The fourth episode of our Sustainable Sisterhood Podcast.
(also available on iTunes)

In what ways has technology helped or hindered you on your sustainable path?

Audio (4 min):

Podcast: Preparing for the Journey (Episode 3)

The third episode of our Sustainable Sisterhood Podcast.
(also available on iTunes)

Before we can start on this journey, our hearts and minds need to be open to change. How can you prepare?

Audio (4 min):

• Set a positive attitude
• Clear space in your schedule that’s just for you
• Connect with a SOSTANE ME SISTER

Podcast: Companies are Listening (Episode 2)

The second episode of our Sustainable Sisterhood Podcast.
(also available on iTunes)

USA Today article on retailers listening to the consumers needs, especially young women, for more modest clothing. What other ways could companies be listing to our needs?

Audio (4 min):

Article: Retailers widen options, including more modest clothes

Podcast: International Women’s Day and the Sustainable Sisterhood Awakening Series (Episode 1)

This year, fellow Sostane sisters Kaytlyn and Keely teamed up to bring you a celebration of International Women’s Day and the launch of the new Sostane Podcast and Sisterhood Awakening Series. Time to partner up and find your SOSTANE ME SISTER!

Audio (33 min):

Video (33 min):

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Seattle January Meeting: Home Assessment


Wendy was kind enough to open up her home for Gina’s presentation of an sample home assessment by Green Diamond Consulting. Wendy also runs Childish Things in Crown Hill/Greenwood. Thank you so much to both of you for your time and donations!

The Assessment

Instead of focusing on the home, Gina actually perfers to focus on how you are living your life and what makes the most sense to tackle first so it means the most to you. Some basics of looking at what you are eating (less red meat, organics, cooking from home) to how you are commuting, she can help you examine which areas can give the biggest impact.

Our exercise was to come up with one goal that we would like to tackle in the next month or so. And then to achieve this goal, she had us step back and write down the steps to getting to our goal. After looking at it as a serious of baby steps, the goal looked highly achievable! Thanks Gina!




Starting in the Kitchen

Many recommendations can start in one of the most used rooms of the house–the kitchen. Looking at energy saving appliances, using a dishwasher instead of hand washing, making sure your refrigerator coils are clean, warming foods on the stove instead of the microwave (we all agreed that food stayed hot longer from the stove), looking through your cleaners for safe alternatives, biodegradable trash bags, fabric towels/napkins, composting, less packaging and which plastic numbers to avoid, and more.

Washington Toxics Coalition
EO Hand Sanitizer
Jubilee Farm CSA
Green America (formerly Coop America)
Goods for the Planet
Nature’s Path


Attending Sisters: Kathleen, Masa, Gina, Wendy, Stephanie, Emily, Sarah, Jessica, Julia and Kaytlyn. Thanks again to everyone who could make it. It was great to have a private space to talk freely and connect with others.