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Shop Local Seattle

Tara of Revival Ink at holding up one of her children’s alien tees

A surprising successful show! Coordinated by Shannon Evans, Shop Local Seattle took place in the Ravenna Eckstein Community Center Gym. Around forty tables lined the sides and wrapped around the middle to showcase fifty-two local businesses in the Seattle area.

Tara got the entire table to showcase her entire Revival Ink stock she had on hand while I made my rounds to meet all the vendors. We met shop owners, mothers and fellow greenies. Tara made many sales which surprised me since it didn’t seem that much of the public was coming through. King 5 did show up and take some footage, but I never caught any of it on TV. Did any of you?

We will definitely be doing this event again next year, and hope to have a whole row of Sostane members participating.

Sustainable Ballard

Sustainable Ballard Festival spanned two days and was absolutely fabulous. Great weather (yet again! ) and visits from many sisters. We didn’t have a booth this time, just a table, but we lucked out and got to be on the end and actually got a booth to ourselves anyway for Saturday. Sunday, we shared with Tina and Dawn of the American Lung Association.

Although we didn’t physically share the booth with anyone, Marlo, Jessica, Amy and Sherry all stopped by on Saturday. Sarah, Lynn and Kelle all stopped by on Sunday.

our flag

solar-powered undrivers license station

fun tent

six-person bicycle

eat local now showing the 100 mile radius from Seattle

Kirkland Green Festival

Marlo, of Tote2Go!, and Emily joined us in participating in the Kirkland Green Festival today. This one started late and went well into the evening. We rigged some lights into the top of the booth and the whole tent glowed! What a wonderful evening.

Green Edmonds

Four other sisters joined us in the Sostane booth for the Green Edmonds Festival today. Rebecca of Country Meadow, Gina of Green Diamond Consulting, Amy of EcoKind Design, and Jessica. Absolutely wonderful times ladies! Our booth totally rocked!

We also saw Marlo (Tote2Go!), Sarah (Swallow’s Tail), Lynn and Corey (Celebrate Green and Green Halloween), Candice (Fashion Ethic), Sara (Spun) and a soon to be sisters Tara (RevivalInk) and Debbie (Whole Family Financial Services). So we were VERY well represented. It was a blast to see everyone at the show!

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Seattle Tilth

The Seattle Tilth Harvest Fair was an excellent, top-notch festival which ended up being very fruitful in the end. Well-organized, a beautiful setting with the farmers market right next door.

Our sister Sarah, of Swallow’s Tail, ended up being right next to us purely out of coincidence and other sister Marlo, of Tote2Go!, in back of us. Emily helped out and even Sustainable Sadie made an appearance.

Hands down, we would do this event again next year.