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Seattle Meeting: Support Your Sisters


A touching turnout for Earth Day! Less formal than our last Lifeline Activity, our April meeting focused on ways as women we have been able to support one another. Whether it’s appreciating those who have stepped up to believe in our ideas or those we have encouraged along the way, our threads of connecting to each other are strong and unwavering. It’s also about asking for help when we need it. Something many women have trouble with. I know I have!


Jacquie shared that her son is a huge support system not only as a family member, but his background in environmental studies has allowed them to connect and inspire each other. It inspired her to look at her interior design skills and see how she can incorporate sustainability in all areas of sourcing materials, reusing elements and keeping chemicals out of our indoor environments.


Jessica informed us that she has been investigating art therapy as a way to give back. Her BA in arts and passion to make a difference locally has led her to seek out this resource.

Jocelyn has found many ways of being supported by the collaborations she has nurtured through other local business women. Even meeting entrepreneurs who may do very similar work to you usually lead to differences in preferred clientele that you can usually refer to each other. You can also pick each other’s brains for how you solved certain problems for your customers and clients. Together we can achieve more than if we were all separate.

Several of us knew Marlo (a fellow sister) who has helped us in many ways. She is a creative arts consultant and knows the ins and outs of becoming a self-employed woman who makes a living from their crafts. We definitely agreed that she is supportive and we love to support her endeavors.


Tara shared with us about a new cause she has connected with. Because of her passion for kids to have a chance to experience the outdoors, and being thankful that she had the opportunity to go camping when she was young, she found The Fresh Air Fund as a way for her business to give back. You could tell the personal connection and passion behind her commitment to this cause.

From Tara’s Blog:

In honor of Earth day, I would like to share a cause with you that is very close to my heart. The Fresh Air Fund helps give inner city kids the chance to experience nature. Please help spread the word, donate, or even become a host family. Check out my blog post to find out more.

It’s passions like these that we want to help encourage, inspire and promote through Sostane. Some may have found their purpose, some may still be experimenting. But I think we all need to take a look and see what ways we can support each other while fulfilling our own needs of happiness.

Near the end of the meeting we all shared what support we were still looking for. Jessica was looking for a running buddy close to her home, Tara is looking for a sales rep to help assist getting her clothing line in stores beyond Seattle. We also talked about common business supporters can be lawyers, accountants and financial specialists. Jocelyn shared her skills in bookkeeping and the local connections she has with similar business owners. I had personally made a great connection with a lawyer back east who is willing to host a scheduled phone chat to share her knowledge of business entities, liability concerns and business consulting. I would like to open this up to Sostane members soon, so if you are interested in participating please let us know!

Shared links:

The Fresh Air Fund
Get Rich Slowly
Pink Magazine and its article on women-owned partnerships
Wilderness Awareness: Youth Programs
Michelle Bomberger of Small Business Legal Services
Digital Eve Seattle
Network for Business Innovation and Sustainability

Attending sisters: Jessica, Jocelyn, Tara, Jacquie and Kaytlyn. Thanks everyone! See you next month!

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