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Podcast: Lifeline Activity, Happy Earth Day! (Episode 6)

The sixth episode of our Sustainable Sisterhood Podcast. And Keely comes back for another guest appearance!
(also available on iTunes)

What is your sustainable path? Looking at your past can help you identify what commitments you want to make in the future.

Video (50 min, best viewed at full screen):

Lifeline Activity PDF (download)

Audio (50 min):

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  1. Anna Libb April 22nd, 2009 9:37 pm


    It was lovely hearing you speak about Dad’s garden and how connected you are to the northwest…
    I think my line might include all our pets as kids (dogs, fish, hamsters, bunnies–even watching deer and elk when camping!) and traveling after college, as Keely mentioned is frequent. I became vegetarian after witnessing our cousin Annette’s healthy lifestyle, and speaking with my hippie roommate, Andrea, who made Chinese Herb tea in the kitchen weekly.
    Lovely podcast!!

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