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Portland January Meeting: Looking Back, Moving Forward


Our kickoff meeting in Portland (woo hoo!) at the Ecotrust building. We would have had it at Laughing Planet, but they were not open yet so we found a great spot in the atrium.

Looking Back

How did you green your live last year?

Many sisters had participated in their local CSAs, purchasing from thrift stores, buying locally, and supporting local groups. Cheryl told us about her involvement with Leave No Plastic Behind and Hannah relayed info about her Q19 Greening cleaning company.

Many of us had expanded our personal gardens with bigger plans in the coming months. Composting, worm-bins, growing your own food. It was a hard year for tomatoes, but we were looking forward to this next year.

Some of our holiday giving last season was done through Heifer International and allowed us to connect with younger members of the family due to their “give a goat” or “give a duck” campaigns. A great way to introduce children to farming, sustainability and social impact.


Moving Forward

What do you have planned for next year?

Since Brie was new to the area, she appreciated learning about all the local resources such as the closest CSAs and Farmers Markets, New Seasons Markets, Portland’s Bright Neighbors, Tryon Life Community Farm, Free School Portland, and more. Barbara was a great resource in telling us all about these local avenues to source your food or to get more involved in your community. She seems to be connected with everyone! But we were amazed how many resources everyone brought to the table. We were all interested in finding more ways to trade products and services, either through bartering or skill trade.

Cheryl was also brave enough to put her idea out into the world of a grocery store that has no containers or plastic. We loved this idea and will help and cheer her on in any way possible. We know she can do it.

Sisters who attended: Hannah, Brie, Cheryl, Melora, Barbara, Kathryn, Kathy and Kaytlyn. Great meeting everyone. Thanks for making the table in the atrium work and your enthusiasm to start up this group!

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